Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Bush Must Take Stem Cell Pledge!

Win or lose tonight for Bush Junior, over 50,000 Americans -- many of whom are fighting heart disease, cancer, or one of the major killer-diseases -- have demanded that Bush take The Stem Cell Pledge. Which starts:

"I, George W. Bush, Jr., being of sound mind and free will, agree to reject all the fruits of stem cell research - that is, any and all therapy, treatment or cure resulting from stem cell research in the U.S. or anywhere in the world - for the rest of my life. So help me God."

This is one pledge Junior wouldn't want to take.

And one that over 50,000 people demand that he must. For if Bush wants to deprive us of the life-saving fruits of stem cell research, he must deprive himself first. And take The Stem Cell Pledge.

Heart Disease. Cancer. Diabetes. Parkinson's. Alzheimer's. Spinal injuries. Even Old Age itself! If you or your loved ones are suffering from these and many more major killer-diseases -- and all of us will sooner or later -- then Breakthroughs from stem cell research are your best hope.

But George W. Bush Jr. and his Religious Right fanatics say drop-dead. These so-called "pro-life" zealots and hypocrites are pushing to make stem cell research a crime! Yes, a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison! It's called the "Brownback-Landrieu Bill" which Bush supports and touts as one of his major accomplishments.

This outrageous stance exposes Bush, the Vatican, and TV evangelists once and for all as The Death Lobby. The pillars of The Death Society. The upholders of The Death Ideology -- which glorifies Death over Life.

And no one has called them on this. Not even Kerry who lamely raised the stem cell issue in only one of the debates. When it should have been an overriding issue.

His so-called wise men and handlers didn't and could never come up with The Stem Cell Pledge. Not surprising since they are trapped in Mortalist Think too. If Kerry had confronted Bush with the Stem Cell Pledge in the debates, he would have gotten a tidal wave of a response from all those fighting cancer, heart disease, etc. Instead of being in a dead heat in the polls, he would have been 20 points ahead.

So here is, in its entirety, The Stem Cell Pledge:

"I, George W. Bush, Jr., being of sound mind and free will, agree to reject all the fruits of stem cell research - that is, any and all therapy, treatment or cure resulting from stem cell research in the U.S. or anywhere in the world - for the rest of my life. So help me God."

"I accept a hundred dollars as consideration to make this pledge an enforceable contract. If I should ever change my mind and violate this pledge/contract, I shall forfeit my entire earthly estate -- which is of little value to me anyway since I'm heaven-bound -- to StemCellPledge.org"

"I promise to spare no efforts to inform physicians, nurses, paramedics, ambulances, emergency rooms, hospitals in the U.S. and around the world of my pledge and to order them to deprive me of any and all medications, treatments, or cures resulting from stem cell research. Even if it were the only way to save my life."

"I authorize anyone to help me inform physicians, nurses, paramedics, ambulances, emergency rooms, hospitals in the U.S. and around the world of my pledge."

"I authorize in advance any physician, nurse, paramedic, ambulance, emergency room, hospital or anyone administering first aid to me in the U.S. and around the world to carry out this pledge on my behalf."

"I agree to wear a "Stem Cell Pledge" locket at all times around my neck which visibly and clearly informs any physician, nurse, paramedic, ambulance, emergency room, hospital or first aid giver of my pledge, a covenant with God Almighty himself, and this locket shall order them to honor it."

Signed _______________________
            George W. Bush, Jr.

It's only fair! If Bush deprives you and your loved ones of the life-saving fruits of stem cell research, he must deprive himself first.

Why is The Stem Cell Pledge so powerful in clarifying this issue from all the bull? Because if Bush refuses to sign The Pledge, he exposes his hypocrisy and loses all credibility. If he signs The Pledge, he will be signing his own death warrant. As he is signing yours and mine.

Win or lose for Junior tonight, The Stem Cell Pledge will have a big role to play in the next four years. As all those who are pushing to ban or criminalize stem cell research must be confronted with it, and made to sign it. And face the lethal consequences. For the rest of their wretched lives.

It shows the stakes cannot be higher. It is literally life or death. And the clock is ticking.

Please join over 50,000 and sign the petition demanding Bush sign the Pledge. Just click below or go to


Do it now! Silence= Death!

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Stay Young & Prosper!

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Why Stem Cell Not Campaign Issue

Why was stem cell research a non-issue in this endless campaign? They talked about everything except what you and I really care about. Everything but stem cell research. Which can save countless millions of Americans. In fact every American eventually. What better proof of the disconnect between the powers that be in the Death Society and you and me?

Okay, John Kerry did try to make an issue of it for about two days. But all because of celeb-driven photo-ops.The first Michael J. Fox. The second the widow of the newly-deceased Christopher Reeve. If not for these photo-ops, would stem cell even be a two-day issue?

Why? When stem cell research promises breakthrough treatments -- even cures -- for everything from heart disease, cancer, diabetes to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and spinal injuries.

9/11 killed less than 3,000. Iraq has killed over 1,000 U.S. soldiers. Horrendous. But heart disease alone will kill over 750,000 Americans this year. And cancer over half a million.

So to prevent another 9/11, we have given the Pentagon a blank check. Spent over $200 billion just for the Iraq invasion and occupation. Bush demands another $75 billion more. There’s no end to that. It’s a black hole. And Bush and Ashcroft have replaced our constitutional civil liberties with the so-called ”Patriot’s Act.”

But to prevent 1.3 million U.S. deaths from cancer and heart disease which is a sure thing this and every year, what is Bush doing?

Well, he is going to criminalize -- yes, criminalize -- stem cell research in his second term. Yep, make his buddies in the Religious Right happy by making life-saving stem cell research a flaming felony. It’s called the ”Brownback-Landrieu Bill” and it will be a high priority if Bush steals the White House again. And he and the Religious Right claims to be ”pro-life.” As I pointed out in The ImmmorTalist Manifesto, he and the Religious Right are the Pro-Death Lobby. In fact, The Death Society establishment.

So how does Kerry fare? Well, Ron Reagan Junior claims that Kerry promised him on the phone that his first act as President would be to rescind Bush Junior’s executive decree cutting off federal funding for stem cell research. That’s better than Bush obviously.

But that’s not enough. We need the federal funding to pour into stem cell research. If its fruits -- its breakthroughs -- are to come in time for you and me.

And that’s extremely unlikely to happen even if Kerry gets elected. Because he’s boxed himself into a corner and is unlikely to be able to pull out from Iraq anytime soon. So there will be little or no money for stem cell research. Or so Kerry too will tell us. Even though he should know better. Since he’s had cancer -- prostate cancer -- himself.

No, let’s not be content with crumbs from the funding table! They have money to burn when it comes to reckless, unnecessary wars resulting from their steadfast blunders and disastrous foreign policies. But when it comes to saving our lives, they plead poverty and ”fiscal responsiblity.”

If they’re going to spend up to $300 billion at this early stage on the rinky-dink Iraq invasion and occupation, then we ImmorTalists demand they match this amount for stem cell research, for heart disease research, for cancer research, for anti-aging research!

But the fact that stem cell research is a flickering blip on the radar of this campaign proves that 1) we live in a Death Society and most are still acting according to their Mortalist programming, 2) Mortalist politics has a total disconnect with what you and I really care about 3) politicians and media are bankrupt and trapped in Mortalist ideology which glorifies sacrifice and death.

And this is why they cannot find the money or priority for stem cell research. Or for saving your life.

Stay Young & Prosper!



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Saturday, October 30, 2004

To Prevent More 9/11, Be Like Sweden

In his new videotaped message in which he addressed the American people directly, Osama bin Laden inadvertently gives Americans the roadmap to peace and security: Become more like Sweden.

Bush Junior and all the Empire's propagandists want Americans to believe that Osama and Moslems hate Western civilization so much that it does not matter what we do, they will still want to destroy us.

Osama says Not True. He points out "Security is an important foundation of human life and free people do not squander their security." Then he asks his rebuttal-cum-question. "Contrary to Bush's claims that we hate freedom, let him tell us why we did not attack Sweden for example."

Good question. After all, Sweden is as secular, permissive, and democratic as any Western society gets. And a "weak" and "easy" target at that. So why hasn't it been a target?

But the Swedes are smart. They gave up empire long ago. And realized that they can live in more prosperity and a lot more peace if they'd just stick to their own business. If they would just adhere to a wise foreign policy of scrupulous neutrality. If they would make friends and influence peoples by giving generously in foreign economic aid. And it works. Sweden is an idyllic haven and oasis of peace and prosperity.

Yes, there is a way out. And it's by changing U.S. foreign policy from blatantly imperial to one like Sweden. It's by pulling out of Iraq immediately. And by being a fair and evehanded broker between the Israelis and the Palestinians and bringing about a real lasting peace which the two peoples deserve. And which world stability demands.

Doing the above will pull the rug from under Osama. He'll be rebel without a cause. Rebel without recruits.

No, it's not true that Americans have no choice but ruinous protracted war. A war without end. A war that could be a new Hundred Years War. No, it's not true that we need to hitch our futures to the new "crusade" against Islam by Bush Junior and his core support, the Religious Right. As this new "crusade" is already well on its way to ending like the medieval ones. In disaster.

In one fell stroke, Americans can live in peace and prosperity once more. Just change foreign policy. Shut down Empire, which is in rigor mortis anyway. And be more like Sweden.

Elixxir has written many times before on how the U.S. should become more like Sweden. In his ImmorTalist Manifesto and other writings. And to prevent more 9/11s is a damn good reason.

This is what an ImmorTalist Government will do. And it's the foundation for the American people to enjoy real prosperity and real national security.

Stay Young & Prosper!

The New York Times > Transcript of Al Jazeera Tape

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Bush's Crusade is Not Ours

Bush's "War on Terror" is a Crusade against Islam. Just read The New York Times Magazine cover story last week "Without a Doubt." (Link below) There can be no doubt about this. It doesn't take a genius to see it. Why? Because Bush himself has on at least on two occasions revealed that his so-called "War on Terror" is a "crusade."

The first time was on Sept. 16th. And nope, it wasn't a slip of the tongue as the White House Press Secretary tried to dissemble. Because two weeks later, Bush used exactly the same word again. "Crusade."

For those of you who are not history buffs, the Crusades were a series of expeditions launched by Christian kings in the middle ages to retake Jerusalem from the Moslems.

Bush, as a fundamentalist Christian converted by Billy Graham himself, shares the Religious Right's belief that they must wage war against Islam and exterminate all nonbelievers (hint: Moslems) to fulfill the doomsday prophecies from the Book of Revelations. As interpreted by the Religious Right's soothsayers of course.

Half of the U.S. has been conned. Conned into believing that they're engaged in a war not of their own choice or making but one that's unprovoked and forced upon them by enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy them. But this is simply not true. And the Times story makes this shockingly clear.

This "Crusade" was scripted, produced, and staged Bush Junior and the Religious Right Party (aka The Republican Party.) Americans will defend their country when there is no choice. But two-thirds of Americans are sane and not Religious Right fanatics, and we simply do not care to join a new Crusade against Islam. Which will end as disastrously as the medieval Crusades though millions believed they were ordered and protected by God Almightly himself.

At least 66% of Americans will strongly refuse to support any Religious-Right-fueled all-out war on Islam. They don't wish to play any supporting role in the Christian fundamentalist belief that the world must race towards Armaggedon for Jesus to return again and set up his kingdom.

We Immortalists especially don't care about it. And we shall have no part in it. And we shall be the vanguard voice of the American people in this.

The New York Times Magazine "Without a Doubt"

If you want to know why Bush is the "ideal" leader for The Death Society, read The ImmorTalist Manifesto by Elixxir

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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Bush's Steadfastness in Blunder No Virtue

New York -- "To be steadfast in blunder is no virtue," declares Elixxir, Immortalist and author of "The Immortalist Manifesto". He was responding to Bush Junior's mantra in the campaign and the first presidential debate that "steadfastness" equals leadership.

"It takes courage to admit error and correct course. Especially if you're leading your country to economic and military ruin and putting your people at risk for catastrophic attacks -- for no reason whatsoever."

"The invasion and occupation of Iraq is a monumental blunder and disaster," Elixxir points out.

As for Bush Junior's claim that the U.S. problem in Iraq was that the invasion turned out to be a "catastrophic success," Elixxir asks mockingly. "What the hell is a catastrophic success? Spare us. The Bush spinmeisters have gone beserk."

Saturday, September 18, 2004

We're Safer? When CIA Got It All Wrong


Now we know that there was definitely NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Absolutely none. But the mantra of the Bush regime is that it relied on CIA and Pentagon inteliigence that turned out to be "wrong." And somehow this is accepted in the Mortalist media.

If the CIA could be so wrong, then our "intelligence" is not worthy anything. And yet we are being asked to rely on this "intelligence" to protect us from more attacks. Why would anyone in his or her right mind? Considering that the CIA has no clue where Osama is three years after 9/11, there is overwhelming support for this thesis.

The alternative is that the CIA's "intelligence" was cooked to order. Produced. Fabricated. Made up. Bush Jr, Rumsfeld, and Cheney insisted that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. So they demanded that the "intelligence" be custom-made to provide "evidence" for their faith. This means that "intelligence" has been so politicized and corrupted it's worth nothing to the American people.

So what is it? The former or later explanation for our intelligence. Either way, we ain't safer.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Who Created Osama?

9/11 is a tragedy. But it's a tragedy that's the direct result of the Death Society's foreign policy. After all, who created Osama? George Bush Sr. and Ronald Reagan.

Yep, they gave Osama and his ilk -- the Taliban and the fundamentalist Moslems -- billions of dollars worth of training and arms. In their cynical attempt to give the Soviet bear hell. Well, they did. But they also created their own Frankenstein.

And now they want Americans to put up with cuts in cancer and heart disease research and wholesale abrogation of civil liberties in order to clean up and pay for the disaster they've created. And to reelect Junior for doing such a bad job at trying to save us from his own Frankenstein.

Guess what? We ain't grateful at all. And we're not admiring either.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Clinton Fallen Poster Boy for Low-Carb Diet

Bill Clinton was low-carb high-fat diets' poster boy. He claimed he had lost 40 pounds on such a regimen. Felt fit and great. But last week reality rudely intruded. Did his diet contribute to a quadruple bypass surgery at not even sixty?

That's the $64 million question.

The answer: Clinton's low-carb high-fat regimen sure did not do anything to stop, retard, or reverse his coronary blockages.

On the other hand, there are studies showing an eating program like The Elixxir Program can either stop, slow down, or even reverse coronary blockages. Yep, even reverse.


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Why is it that when it comes to diet, those who lecture us most on the need to take responsibility in life, don't.

Bill Clinton, who signed off on the Republicans' dismantling of social welfare, blames his bad genes for his health woes. But we all know bad genes is at most less than half the story. All those trips to the evil fortress -- aka McDonalds -- cancelled out whatever points his jogging got him.

But it's not just Clinton, look at Rush Limbaugh. Him who is Mr. loudmouth when it comes to how we should all take responsibility for our actions. He means you poor whites and blacks. And he wants you all to rot in jail and throw away the keys. But when it comes to his rather glaring obesity, oh well, that's another matter.

P.S. Elixxir wishes Bill a speedy recovery! Elixxir always had a soft spot for Bill, despite his big appetite.;) Bill, get with The Elixxir Program!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Heart Disease Bigger Threat than Terrorism, says Elixxir

New York -- Despite 9/11, the biggest threat to American lives is not terrorism, declares Elixxir, the Immortalist philosopher and strategist. "As shocking and appalling as 9/11 was, terrorism is not even in the top 10 causes of death in America," says Elixxir, who is the author of "The ImmorTalist Manifesto." "Rather, heart disease is the biggest threat."

Last year, heart disease killed well over 725,000 Americans, which is about 242 times the 3,000 killed on 9/11. And 9/11 is a one-time tragedy so far. 725,000 Americans die of heart disease every year without fail.

"In light of the fact that over 700,000 Americans die of heart disease each year without fail, The ImmorTalist Party demands that a War on Heart Disease be declared immediately," Elixxir says.

He explains "All of these heart disease deaths are preventable, premature or unnecessary. And therefore totally outrageous and unacceptable."

"Since heart disease has an extremely high correlation to biological aging, it should be seen as a symptom of The Aging Syndrome," Elixxir argues. "Therefore we need a new paradigm to conquer heart disease. In addition to heart disease research, we should also pursue anti-aging research as a way to prevent or even cure heart disease."

"Millions of Americans suffer from heart disease and its debilities. Many of whom continue to work and care for their families and society," declares Elixxir. "We demand that they be recognized as no less heroic than victims of terrorism.

If you agree, please sign the petition at www.immortalism.com.

Important: Please forwards this blog to your extended family, your friends, classmates, acquaintances, and your associaltes at work. And encourage them to do the same. Remember, there´s nothing like word of mouth! On the internet! If you have influence or credibililty with an organization, encourage it to get its members to sign this petition. The politicians will listen to us when enough of us make enough noise. Remember, we are literally fighting for out lives!

1,000 Dead -- in The Wrong War

"1,000 Dead -- in The Wrong War" -- by Elixxir

New York -- 1,000 American soldiers have died as of today in Bush's dirty little war in Iraq. And it's all for nothing. They've been sent to the wrong war. How about the real war? The one which kills over half a million in the U.S. every single year. Without fail! How about that war, Junior?

No, there was no imminent threat from Saddam's regime. No, there were no weapons of mass destruction. No, there was no link to Al Qaeda. No, there's no democracy or less torture in Iraq. No, the price of oil is not cheaper today but in fact the highest it's ever been. And no, as those constant alerts tell us, Americans are no safer today because of this terrible human sacrifice.

And this does not count the 7,000 U.S. troops maimed, mutilated, disfigured, traumatized, disabled.

But we ImmorTalists do not agree with the lame criticism of Bush Jr. by the Democrats. They claim the right war is in Afghanistan but not Iraq. We say the right war is neither in Afghanistan nor Iraq.

The real war that we should be fighting is the war against cancer, heart disease, stroke, obesity, Alzheimer's, and AIDS. The real Ground Zero is in millions of heroic homes and hospital beds where the resistance against the scourge of cancer is being fought day in and day out.

And to these really heroic and mostly still-productive Americans, Bush Jr. says Drop Dead. That is what his outrageous and criminal cuts in Medicare payments for cancer treatments says in not so many words. These cuts kill. Make no mistake about it. Even the association of oncologists (doctors specializing in treating cancer) has come out and said so. This is no hyperbole.

This is why we call it The Death Society. Because if it were not, if Bush and his Religious Right supporters were really "pro-life," then they would clamoring for increased support payments for cancer treatments to save millions of Americans. But instead they'd rather write a blank check for this totally unnecessary quaqmire in Iraq rather than give millions of Americans struggling with cancer what they need to win.

This is the real war we shall fight with all our might in an ImmorTalist Society. With as much -- no, more! -- resources, manpower and energy than Bush has squandered on Iraq.

In the Forever Young Society, victory in our war against cancer and heart disease shall be Priority Number One.