Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Clinton Fallen Poster Boy for Low-Carb Diet

Bill Clinton was low-carb high-fat diets' poster boy. He claimed he had lost 40 pounds on such a regimen. Felt fit and great. But last week reality rudely intruded. Did his diet contribute to a quadruple bypass surgery at not even sixty?

That's the $64 million question.

The answer: Clinton's low-carb high-fat regimen sure did not do anything to stop, retard, or reverse his coronary blockages.

On the other hand, there are studies showing an eating program like The Elixxir Program can either stop, slow down, or even reverse coronary blockages. Yep, even reverse.


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Why is it that when it comes to diet, those who lecture us most on the need to take responsibility in life, don't.

Bill Clinton, who signed off on the Republicans' dismantling of social welfare, blames his bad genes for his health woes. But we all know bad genes is at most less than half the story. All those trips to the evil fortress -- aka McDonalds -- cancelled out whatever points his jogging got him.

But it's not just Clinton, look at Rush Limbaugh. Him who is Mr. loudmouth when it comes to how we should all take responsibility for our actions. He means you poor whites and blacks. And he wants you all to rot in jail and throw away the keys. But when it comes to his rather glaring obesity, oh well, that's another matter.

P.S. Elixxir wishes Bill a speedy recovery! Elixxir always had a soft spot for Bill, despite his big appetite.;) Bill, get with The Elixxir Program!