Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bush's Unfair Trade Scheme Collapses

New York -- Despite three days of trying, Bush's unfair trade scheme for Latin America has been totally rejected. The trade talks summit has collapsed. This is the big story that Bush tries to obscure by his speech attacking Venezuela's Chavez. And it's a shame that the U.S. media still plays along. Even though Bush's public support is roughly at the level as Nixon's just before he was chased out of the White House.

No, it was not Venezuela's Chavez who "buried" Bush's unfair and unbalanced trade proposals. Rather, it was Brazil's Lula leading other former "banana republics" in refusing so-called "free trade" proposals in which Bush would continue his massive subsidies to Big Agri-Business in U.S. (while demanding Latin America and China dismantle what little subsidies they have). The proposals would also allow U.S. to continue its trade barriers against Brazil (i.e. high tariffs on Brazilian oranges, cotton, etc. so they cannot compete in American market.)

Now that's what "free" trade means. Unfair, unbalanced trade in favor of the U.S. Yes, free for the U.S., but costly and unfair to Brazil, other Latin American countries, and even to the EU.

Immortalism is of course for trade which is fair and balanced and which will really improve the quality of life of the majority in Brazil and Latin America. But we applaud this wise, courageous and principled No to Bush. Latin America has stood up. And it has every right to demand trade on fair and balanced terms, not the kind that it used to have to accept on bended knees.


That Bush speech is a hoot! Latin America, he says, must choose between the U.S.-sponsored vision of change or drift back to its old dictatorships. We Immortalists are of course against any and all old dictatorships. But our memories are good enough to remember that most or all of those old bloodthirsty dictators like Chile's Pinochet, Panama's Noriega or Cuba's Batista were installed, supported, and funded by the Mortalist U.S. empire. So if there's any democracy in Latin America, it is no thanks to the empire, but in spite of it!


What happened at this Latin American summit would have been inconceivable not too long ago. But it shows how fast and far the U.S. empire has fallen under Bush Jr's regency. Even its own backyard has completely slipped away from its grip. It is not only Chavez who dares to defy Bush and the empire. More importantly it is Brazil and its president "Lula" and the other ex-banana republics.