Sunday, April 09, 2006

Leaker-in-Chief Must Fire Himself

Now that we know who the Leaker-in-Chief is, Bush should fire himself.

Remember, Junior earlier promised to sack anyone found responsible for the leak which resulted in the exposure of a CIA agent. And Junior has been nothing short of obsessive about cracking down on leakers. Not surprising since there's a lot to leak in this Bush Jr. regime.

As John Dean pointed out in his recent congressional testimony, Junior is guilty of graver crimes than Nixon and Watergate and he should be impeached. For those who were born yesterday, Dean's testimony during Watergate was the beginning of the end for Nixon.

Not much hope of impeachment in this Republican-controlled Congress though. Well, maybe if the Democrats wrest control of both houses back. But don't bet on it even if that happens.

We don't feel as strongly that exposing a CIA operative is necessarily an impeachable offense. But we do feel that cooking up "evidence" of Saddam's "weapons of mass destruction" to get the American people into a reckless, bankrupting, and endless crusade is an impeachable offense of the "crimes and misdemeanors" variety.

Since Cheney was the one who leaked it (Junior authorized its leakage), Cheney must be fired by Junior before he fires himself. The last thing we want is for that nasty old man with the perennial snarl to take over officially as our Commander-in-Chief.

Note we say officially. Because unofficially, the triumvirate of Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush Senior are the real powers and work-horses behind the throne. Yep, this is a regency. Just like the Reagan regime. In Reagan's case, it was because of early stages of Alzheimer's which we now know for sure. Well, here, it's mental inadequacy and sloth of the Mortalist kind.