Saturday, July 30, 2005

No to Unconstitutional Subway Searches, Yes to Free Medical Tests

A week of outrageously illegal, unconstitutional searches has been imposed on New Yorkers. And supposedly there is not any resistance, claims the police. Even the New York Times dutifully trotted out article about how subway riders "concede" more restrictions are necessary. Really? This subway rider concedes no such thing. And will rather walk than kowtow to this authoritarian regime. This rider sees no reason why he should surrender his rights because of the Empire and Bush Junior's catastrophic foreign policies. And there are many more New Yorkers who feel the same.

In an ImmorTalist society, instead of clinging to an obsolete, sclerotic Empire (yep, that's what the Iraq fiasco shows), we will not stoop to illegal searches and seizures, but rather offer free, voluntary medical tests in the subway. Instead of subways swarming with police and soldiers like in a tinpot Third World dictatorship, we'd rather have them full of paramedics and medical technicians who can screen you for heart disease, cancer, stroke, hypertension, diabetes.

These are by far the biggest threats Manhattan subway riders face. 9/11 killed less than 3,000. The London subway attacks killed much less than a hundred. But each year roughly three-quarters of a million Americans will be killed by a heart attack. And over half a million will be slaughtered by cancer. Compared to these relentless scourges, the chances of dying from attacks by Islamic militants are nil.

It shows the power of Mortalist brainwashing and programming that most of us fail to see this most glaring of facts.

P.S. Do you think 20,000 random searches among millions riding the subway system will prevent attacks? Just look at Sharon. He's turned Israel into a military fortress. And yet the resistance and the attacks continue. So why are we modeling after failure and disaster? The only solution is to change to an enlightened, non-Religious-Right-controlled foreign policy.