Saturday, October 30, 2004

To Prevent More 9/11, Be Like Sweden

In his new videotaped message in which he addressed the American people directly, Osama bin Laden inadvertently gives Americans the roadmap to peace and security: Become more like Sweden.

Bush Junior and all the Empire's propagandists want Americans to believe that Osama and Moslems hate Western civilization so much that it does not matter what we do, they will still want to destroy us.

Osama says Not True. He points out "Security is an important foundation of human life and free people do not squander their security." Then he asks his rebuttal-cum-question. "Contrary to Bush's claims that we hate freedom, let him tell us why we did not attack Sweden for example."

Good question. After all, Sweden is as secular, permissive, and democratic as any Western society gets. And a "weak" and "easy" target at that. So why hasn't it been a target?

But the Swedes are smart. They gave up empire long ago. And realized that they can live in more prosperity and a lot more peace if they'd just stick to their own business. If they would just adhere to a wise foreign policy of scrupulous neutrality. If they would make friends and influence peoples by giving generously in foreign economic aid. And it works. Sweden is an idyllic haven and oasis of peace and prosperity.

Yes, there is a way out. And it's by changing U.S. foreign policy from blatantly imperial to one like Sweden. It's by pulling out of Iraq immediately. And by being a fair and evehanded broker between the Israelis and the Palestinians and bringing about a real lasting peace which the two peoples deserve. And which world stability demands.

Doing the above will pull the rug from under Osama. He'll be rebel without a cause. Rebel without recruits.

No, it's not true that Americans have no choice but ruinous protracted war. A war without end. A war that could be a new Hundred Years War. No, it's not true that we need to hitch our futures to the new "crusade" against Islam by Bush Junior and his core support, the Religious Right. As this new "crusade" is already well on its way to ending like the medieval ones. In disaster.

In one fell stroke, Americans can live in peace and prosperity once more. Just change foreign policy. Shut down Empire, which is in rigor mortis anyway. And be more like Sweden.

Elixxir has written many times before on how the U.S. should become more like Sweden. In his ImmorTalist Manifesto and other writings. And to prevent more 9/11s is a damn good reason.

This is what an ImmorTalist Government will do. And it's the foundation for the American people to enjoy real prosperity and real national security.

Stay Young & Prosper!

The New York Times > Transcript of Al Jazeera Tape

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Bush's Crusade is Not Ours

Bush's "War on Terror" is a Crusade against Islam. Just read The New York Times Magazine cover story last week "Without a Doubt." (Link below) There can be no doubt about this. It doesn't take a genius to see it. Why? Because Bush himself has on at least on two occasions revealed that his so-called "War on Terror" is a "crusade."

The first time was on Sept. 16th. And nope, it wasn't a slip of the tongue as the White House Press Secretary tried to dissemble. Because two weeks later, Bush used exactly the same word again. "Crusade."

For those of you who are not history buffs, the Crusades were a series of expeditions launched by Christian kings in the middle ages to retake Jerusalem from the Moslems.

Bush, as a fundamentalist Christian converted by Billy Graham himself, shares the Religious Right's belief that they must wage war against Islam and exterminate all nonbelievers (hint: Moslems) to fulfill the doomsday prophecies from the Book of Revelations. As interpreted by the Religious Right's soothsayers of course.

Half of the U.S. has been conned. Conned into believing that they're engaged in a war not of their own choice or making but one that's unprovoked and forced upon them by enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy them. But this is simply not true. And the Times story makes this shockingly clear.

This "Crusade" was scripted, produced, and staged Bush Junior and the Religious Right Party (aka The Republican Party.) Americans will defend their country when there is no choice. But two-thirds of Americans are sane and not Religious Right fanatics, and we simply do not care to join a new Crusade against Islam. Which will end as disastrously as the medieval Crusades though millions believed they were ordered and protected by God Almightly himself.

At least 66% of Americans will strongly refuse to support any Religious-Right-fueled all-out war on Islam. They don't wish to play any supporting role in the Christian fundamentalist belief that the world must race towards Armaggedon for Jesus to return again and set up his kingdom.

We Immortalists especially don't care about it. And we shall have no part in it. And we shall be the vanguard voice of the American people in this.

The New York Times Magazine "Without a Doubt"

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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Bush's Steadfastness in Blunder No Virtue

New York -- "To be steadfast in blunder is no virtue," declares Elixxir, Immortalist and author of "The Immortalist Manifesto". He was responding to Bush Junior's mantra in the campaign and the first presidential debate that "steadfastness" equals leadership.

"It takes courage to admit error and correct course. Especially if you're leading your country to economic and military ruin and putting your people at risk for catastrophic attacks -- for no reason whatsoever."

"The invasion and occupation of Iraq is a monumental blunder and disaster," Elixxir points out.

As for Bush Junior's claim that the U.S. problem in Iraq was that the invasion turned out to be a "catastrophic success," Elixxir asks mockingly. "What the hell is a catastrophic success? Spare us. The Bush spinmeisters have gone beserk."