Thursday, January 20, 2005

Where's Cancer & Heart Disease on Bush's Agenda?

Cancer & Heart Disease will kill 1 million Americans this year alone. Where are they on the agenda of Bush for the next four years. Nowhere. In fact, the ax is poised to fall on federal funding for cancer and heart disease research.

Yep, if you're fighting cancer or heart disease, you don't count. You're worth shit. Bush and his nasty old men Cheney and Rumsfeld are telling you to drop dead! - Cancer now kills more than heart disease - Jan 19, 2005

Monday, January 03, 2005

ImmorTalist News Agency(TM)

ImmorTalist News Agency(TM)

The Tsunami Next Time

New York Jan. 3, 2005 -- An early warning system could have prevented or greatly diminished the casualties. As of today, 155,000, and counting. But an early warning system was not a priority for the Mortalist governments of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

But even if such an early warning system were installed, the question is will it be used by Death Societies only when it's too late?

There was a report that the Thai government was alerted in advance to the possibility of tsunamis after the big earthquake in the Indian Ocean. But the powers that be decided against warning the public. After all, what if they're wrong. Think what that would do to Thai tourism.

Unforgivable? Most damnable? Absolutely. But this mindset which puts dollars above human lives is epidemic in Death Societies.

After all, this is THE argument put forth by the Bush regime against signing the Kyoto Accord. Bush Junior argues that since we cannot be 100% sure that global warming is indeed happening and/or we cannot be 100% sure that it will bring such catastrophic effects, then we are justified in doing nothing. Not even the most minimal under the Kyoto Accord.

When we are talking about the high probability of the utter destruction of human civilization as we know it today, Bush and his Death regime demands 100% certainty. We ImmorTalists say the burden should be on him and his ilk to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that global warming is not happening, and that it will not bring disaster (e.g usher in a new Ice Age).

After all, if we are wrong about the impending disasters from global warming, the Kyoto Accord will not destroy civilization, And definitely not the U.S. economy. The only "drawback" (to Bush) is less polluted air and ecosystem. But if the scientists are right, and Bush is wrong, then human life as we know it today will be devastated beyond recognition.

The tsunamis next time -- from global warming -- will make what we've seen to our horror so far seem like a tea party. And let's remember such tsumanis could drown even cities like New York and the California coast.

In Bush's anti-life scheme of things, preserving the growth in U.S. GDP is much more important than preserving the planet! But that's typical Mortalist Think.

And despite the fact that the overwhelming number of distinguished scientists and experts in this field (including Nobel Laureates) have all concluded that global warming is not only a reality, but a galloping reality, it is simply not good enough for the "president" of the world's most dangerous Death Society. Nope. The only evidence which will suffice for this crowd apparently is a great tsumani seconds away from wiping us out.

History will damn the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld Troika. They will go down in history as commiting the ultimate crime against humanity. And anyone who sides with them on this issue will be discredited beyond repair.

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