Sunday, February 27, 2005

Pope Using Stem Cell Treatments?

How is the Pope staying alive? There are rumors that he is doing so by availing himself of new cutting-edge treatments resulting from stem cell research. Which the Pope has vigorously denounced and condemned. If true, this would make him a monumental hypocrite. Who would consign other Parkinson's sufferers to the grave.

In the name of all sufferers of Parkinson's, cancer, heart disease, and all other diseases which stem cell research holds the promise of breakthrough treatments -- even cures, we demand the Vatican releases all of the Pope's medical treatment records to make sure the Pope has not secretly availed of any medication or treatment which are the fruits of stem cells or stem cell research. We also demand that the doctors attest under oath and threat of perjury that they have not and will never administer such treatments or medications to the Pope as it contradicts his religious convictions.

We also ask the Vatican why the Pope is resorting to extraordinary medical intervention to save his life?

Isn't it long enough? The average lifespan in U.S, Italy and worldwide for a male is surely less than 84. The Pope has frequently warned against unnatural extensions of the average human lifespan. So now he should show us the way by his own deed. The Pope has had a long run. He should not be greedy. And make way for the younger generation itching to take over in the Vatican, the world's oldest gerontocracy.

The Pope should go the "natural" way and accept death as "natural." As God obviously summoning him back after a long reign. What is the point of hanging on when you need tracheostomies and ventilators? Especially when you are assured of a Next Life which is so vastly superior to this wretched one?

So why doesn't the Pope do as the above. Or as he has preached? Because like all of us, deep in his heart of hearts, he knows life is the supreme good. And in this life, not in the dubious next.

Stay Young & Prosper!

author, The ImmorTalist Manifesto