Tuesday, December 27, 2005

'West Wing' Star dead of Heart Attack at 58

New York -- In this holiday season, a heart attack killed John Spencer, a star of ”West Wing” who played a politico who survived a heart attack to run for Vice President. At the height of his career, Death came rudely to this self-confessed workaholic whose health took a backseat to the hit TV show.

For what does it profit a man if he should gain the whole world and lose his own life?

This is the question his death confronts us with. It forces us to evaluate our own priorities. It makes us ask what indeed is the most important thing in our life? The foundation without which there can be no possibility of success or happiness?

Surely this TV and movie star could afford the best health care in the world that money can buy! Surely he can afford annual medical and heart checkups and cardiologists. Surely he was not one of the 46 million Americans without the money to buy any health insurance.

If Spencer had wanted to do an anti-heart-attack program, surely he could have easily afforded it. If he had demanded it as part of his contract on grounds that it’d slash his risk for a fatal heart attack, the producers of this lucrative long-running hit show would surely have said yes to all or part of the fees. After all, it’d be less expensive than losing him just as they are gearing up for his character to possibly become the VP.

Did Spenser have a prior heart attack? Was he overweight? We don’t know. But if he had, for example, a past heart attack and was currently overweight, then the risk of another heart attack -- this time terminal -- would have been quite serious.

So the question is what is it worth to a John Spencer if there is some program, some intervention which has a serious scientific probability of preventing a fatal heart attack? Well, it would be worth every penny he had. Because a tatal heart attack would mean he loses everything he owns and all his future potential earnings as a hot TV actor.

A heart transplant costs up to one million dollars. Heart surgery to clear up clog vessels could cost hundreds of thousands. And they’re hardly a sure thing, bringing with them serious risk of major complications, including death.

John Spenser, if he were smart, would have no hesitation about paying a million dollars for a program which can save his life. That would be his best bargain and investment, ever.

For others of us who are not Hollywood stars, an anti-heart-attack, anti-aging program will be less than a million. But yes, it must be enough to make us take notice. And count the cost. Because if we do, we will be fully committed to the program, and when we play the program as instructed, it will work like a charm.

The Mortalist regime wouldn't let us know. But there is already a program that is based on the only scientifically-proven anti-aging program. It so happens it is also the best way to prevent killer heart attacks.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sharon's Gerontocracy

Stockholm -- Sharon gets a stroke. But the question is why would Israel or any country have Ariel Sharon as its Prime Minister? If you wanted someone for your small business, would you hire this morbidly obese person who's a stroke-waiting-to-happen? Can't Israel, in this time of crisis, do better than to entrust its future to this 77 year-old with no future? And to his outgoing vice-Prime Minister, erh, a 82 year old Simon Peres.

If this is not a gerontocracy, what is?

But let's not forget the gerontocracy in the U.S. Empire. Cheney and Rumsfeld, failures and retreads from the Vietnam War. They are the ones, along with George Bush Senior, who are regents for G.W. Junior. And the real powers behind the throne. China has already gotten rid of its gerontocrats, and is into its third generation of leaders. But here we are in the U.S., and we got nothing better than to recycle the people from the Ford presidency. Yep, they had to cut and run in Vietnam. And they will have to in Iraq cause they're doing a hundred times worse. These losers.

And last but not least, only the Vatican, the world's oldest-running gerontocracy, would appoint someone like Ratzi-nger. You would not think that any sane institution would, after the lingering illness of the last "Pope," would appoint someone who has had a history of life-threatening illness as a Ratzi-nger. But nope, you'd be dead wrong. Because there's nothing a gerontocracy loves than nasty old men.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bush & Blair are War Criminals, Nobel Prize Winner Pinter Points Out

Stockholm -- You have to be in Stockholm to watch uncensored on TV one of the most powerful lectures ever given by a winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. Harold Pinter, the British playwright suffering from cancer of the esophagus, points out the obvious: Bush & Blair are war criminals.

Now you'd think that this bombshell speech would be guaranteed headline front-page news! Instead, The New York Times ("all the news that's fit to print") tucks away this irrefutable, devastating truth-telling in its Theater section under the title "Playwright Takes a Prize and a Jab at U.S." The BBC did a similarly neat trick. Instead of "Nobel Laureate says Blair War Criminal," and instead of this being the headline, it allows for "Laureate blasts Iraq War 'lies'"

The New York Times and BBC are probably as good as it gets when it comes to hoping for some kind of balanced, objective, honest coverage from the Mortalist U.S. and U.K. media. So if this is how these two venerable Mortalist media cover what could have been an excellent national debate as to why Saddam & Milosevic are war criminals but not Bush & Blair since they have killed, maimed, or tortured tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq, as a result of of an invasion contrary to U.N. Security Council's resolutions, and which U.N. Secretary-General Koffi Annan has rightly described as "illegal" and in violation of international law.

And if the above isn't enough, throw into this pot the gulags run by Bush in Guantanamo Bay and other CIA-run torture centers in Eastern Europe. the systematic fuck-you to the Geneva Conventions against torture

But no, you can see there's no accident in the difference in coverage between that Iranian woman who won the Nobel Peace Prize and Pinter.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bush's Unfair Trade Scheme Collapses

New York -- Despite three days of trying, Bush's unfair trade scheme for Latin America has been totally rejected. The trade talks summit has collapsed. This is the big story that Bush tries to obscure by his speech attacking Venezuela's Chavez. And it's a shame that the U.S. media still plays along. Even though Bush's public support is roughly at the level as Nixon's just before he was chased out of the White House.

No, it was not Venezuela's Chavez who "buried" Bush's unfair and unbalanced trade proposals. Rather, it was Brazil's Lula leading other former "banana republics" in refusing so-called "free trade" proposals in which Bush would continue his massive subsidies to Big Agri-Business in U.S. (while demanding Latin America and China dismantle what little subsidies they have). The proposals would also allow U.S. to continue its trade barriers against Brazil (i.e. high tariffs on Brazilian oranges, cotton, etc. so they cannot compete in American market.)

Now that's what "free" trade means. Unfair, unbalanced trade in favor of the U.S. Yes, free for the U.S., but costly and unfair to Brazil, other Latin American countries, and even to the EU.

Immortalism is of course for trade which is fair and balanced and which will really improve the quality of life of the majority in Brazil and Latin America. But we applaud this wise, courageous and principled No to Bush. Latin America has stood up. And it has every right to demand trade on fair and balanced terms, not the kind that it used to have to accept on bended knees.


That Bush speech is a hoot! Latin America, he says, must choose between the U.S.-sponsored vision of change or drift back to its old dictatorships. We Immortalists are of course against any and all old dictatorships. But our memories are good enough to remember that most or all of those old bloodthirsty dictators like Chile's Pinochet, Panama's Noriega or Cuba's Batista were installed, supported, and funded by the Mortalist U.S. empire. So if there's any democracy in Latin America, it is no thanks to the empire, but in spite of it!


What happened at this Latin American summit would have been inconceivable not too long ago. But it shows how fast and far the U.S. empire has fallen under Bush Jr's regency. Even its own backyard has completely slipped away from its grip. It is not only Chavez who dares to defy Bush and the empire. More importantly it is Brazil and its president "Lula" and the other ex-banana republics.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Why Immortalists Oppose Miers Nomination: She's Anti-life

New York -- We ImmorTalists oppose Bush Junior's nomination of Harriet E. Miers to the U.S. Supreme Court, period. Why? Because she is anti-life!

Now that she has been exposed as a Religious Right fanatic and stealth candidate who would support a constitutional amendment to return American women to the era of back alley abortion. But also because she is almost certainly opposed to stem cell research, which holds the promise of breakthrough treatments and cures for cancers, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and spinal paralysis. Just to mention a few killers.

How can anyone who would sign the death sentence for countless millions suffering from cancer, heart disease etc. claim to be "pro-life"? No, she and the Religious Right are virulently, malignantly, and maliciously anti-life. We ImmorTalists are the *real* pro-life movement!

Stealth candidates for the Religious Right. If you think the Supreme Court which stole the election for Bush Junior in a judicial coup d'etat was abhorrent, you haven't seen nothin' yet.

Now the seizure of power by the Religious Right is complete. First the White House. Then Congress. Now the Court. Is the fate of non-Fundamentalist, non-"born again" America, that two-thirds majority, sealed? There is precious little time left. There is hope only if this overwhelming silent majority will stand up and fight the religious extremists and their henchmen and henchwomen on the Court and elsewhere.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Extreme Weather Act of God? Tell Swedes & Cubans about It!

New York -- The Times of London has seen fit to print a story claiming it was all an Act of God, not an Act of Bush. Yep, its U.S. editor tells us Katrina and the subsequent collapse of New Orleans' long-neglected levees resulting in over a thousand corpses is no fault of the Bush regime and its Death Society. Not even 10% of it.

You see, it's all in the "extreme weather" in Amerika which "is measured in the thousands of people it kills." Tell this to the Dutch and the Swedes who are no stranger to the most extreme of weather (i.e. the Swedish winter storms) or bad environments (all of Amsterdam is below water), but somehow have managed to escape disaster in the thousands of killed.

And let's not forget the Cuba and Taiwan which have faced Category 5 typhoons just recently, but did not suffer the same kinds of casualties!

This article is nothing but Mortalist propaganda. The kind churned out by The Death Society we live in to make us accept the unacceptable.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

ImmorTalist Party Opposes Roberts Nomination

Washington -- We can now see how utterly bankrupt the Democrats are. They are no opposition party. No opposition party worth its name would give a stealth candidate for the Religious Right like Roberts a free pass to the U.S. Supreme Court. This is a man who was against desegreation, against civil rights for blacks, against reproductive freedom. An extremist reactionary Catholic who will be the next Chief Justice.

If he is not, the Bush regime can easily prove it. By releasing all the information about him while he labored in the vineyard of extremist ultra-right-wing politics. But of course the regime refuses to do that. It refuses to release sufficient info about Roberts and demands the Democrats and U.S. Senate rubberstamp its choice. This is not what the Constitution demands of the U.S. Senate.

With Roberts' background, the burden should be on the regime to prove he is not an extremist.

But except for a handful, like Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid, most Democratic senators are all too obliging. One Democratic senator claimed he sees no reason to vote against Roberts. Well, of course not, since the White House has refused to release any info on this stealth candidate.

A dark chapter as Empire slips into the abyss. History will judge this lack of opposition harshly.


Katrina shows how far the U.S. has fallen. Category 5 hurricanes or typhoons have hit Taiwan, China, Cuba, and none of these countries have suffered the kind of devastation that New Orleans did.


Because none of these countries have allowed their levees and their basic infrastructure to deteriorate and collapse as the U.S. regime has. Yes, it is not an act of God. It is an act of Bush.

Does it take so much to understand that if you neglect your levees since the time of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, it is an accident waiting to happen. Especially if a Category 5 hurricane materializes.

But it is the nature of the Death Society that it has other priorities. Like an insane war in Iraq that is as unwinnable and as unstrategic as Vietnam. Not only has it killed close to 2,000 American boys, not to mention maim over 15,000 more, it has also robbed Americans of their future. It is a downright crime.

Monday, September 05, 2005

New Orleans Shows U.S. Now a Failed State

New York -- Why do the scenes from New Orleans so shock Americans and the world? Because they're what we expect to see in Bangladesh, not the world's "richest" society. Instead, what we've seen is gross negligence, incompetence, paralysis, and outrageous misappropriation of scarce resources. All the symptoms of a failed state. The Mortalist failed state.

China, Taiwan and Cuba were recently hit by horrendous hurricanes too. Yet they did not suffer the same devastation in human lives or properties that New Orleans and surrounding states did. Why? Because those governments did what had to be done. Like evacuating people. Unlike the Bush Regime, even Fidel's Cuba evacuated 1.5 million people to higher grounds and suffered not one casualty. And not just the patrons of plush hotels!

A responsible state does not allow its basic infrastructure to rot and collapse, putting its citizens' lives at mortal risk. As Andrew Young, the former mayor of Atlanta, pointed out, the levees in New Orleans have not been maintained or repaired basically since the time of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. So no surprise it didn't hold up. Only a failed state would allow that to happen, while allowing its military and its empire to suck up all the dwindling resources.

Only a grossly-negligent, sclerotic, and inept failed state would allow the disaster that is New Orleans to happen. No, Bush Junior is lying again. And coming up with lame excuses again. Just like the "great leaders" of third-world dictatorships. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) knew for a long time that a natural disaster like this is most likely to hit New Orleans. It's one of the top-three disaster scenarios. For all too many years. And yet when it happened, this failed state was caught with its pants scandalously down.

Yes, it is shocking. To call the U.S. a failed state. After all, it's supposedly the world's "richest" and only Superpower. And it is more used to calling others failed states than to thinking of itself as one. But under Bush Junior's regime, and in the dying days of Mortalist Empire, the U.S. is just that. A failed state. By its own definition and by any other definition of a failed state.

When the Empire goes from rigor mortis to officially dead, the American people -- like the Germans, Japanese, and French --will live so much better! As New Orleans show, despite the bloated budgets for "Homeland Security," there is no security at all. Zip. Nada. Zilch. And the biggest threat to Americans is Not Terrorism.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

No to Unconstitutional Subway Searches, Yes to Free Medical Tests

A week of outrageously illegal, unconstitutional searches has been imposed on New Yorkers. And supposedly there is not any resistance, claims the police. Even the New York Times dutifully trotted out article about how subway riders "concede" more restrictions are necessary. Really? This subway rider concedes no such thing. And will rather walk than kowtow to this authoritarian regime. This rider sees no reason why he should surrender his rights because of the Empire and Bush Junior's catastrophic foreign policies. And there are many more New Yorkers who feel the same.

In an ImmorTalist society, instead of clinging to an obsolete, sclerotic Empire (yep, that's what the Iraq fiasco shows), we will not stoop to illegal searches and seizures, but rather offer free, voluntary medical tests in the subway. Instead of subways swarming with police and soldiers like in a tinpot Third World dictatorship, we'd rather have them full of paramedics and medical technicians who can screen you for heart disease, cancer, stroke, hypertension, diabetes.

These are by far the biggest threats Manhattan subway riders face. 9/11 killed less than 3,000. The London subway attacks killed much less than a hundred. But each year roughly three-quarters of a million Americans will be killed by a heart attack. And over half a million will be slaughtered by cancer. Compared to these relentless scourges, the chances of dying from attacks by Islamic militants are nil.

It shows the power of Mortalist brainwashing and programming that most of us fail to see this most glaring of facts.

P.S. Do you think 20,000 random searches among millions riding the subway system will prevent attacks? Just look at Sharon. He's turned Israel into a military fortress. And yet the resistance and the attacks continue. So why are we modeling after failure and disaster? The only solution is to change to an enlightened, non-Religious-Right-controlled foreign policy.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Pope Using Stem Cell Treatments?

How is the Pope staying alive? There are rumors that he is doing so by availing himself of new cutting-edge treatments resulting from stem cell research. Which the Pope has vigorously denounced and condemned. If true, this would make him a monumental hypocrite. Who would consign other Parkinson's sufferers to the grave.

In the name of all sufferers of Parkinson's, cancer, heart disease, and all other diseases which stem cell research holds the promise of breakthrough treatments -- even cures, we demand the Vatican releases all of the Pope's medical treatment records to make sure the Pope has not secretly availed of any medication or treatment which are the fruits of stem cells or stem cell research. We also demand that the doctors attest under oath and threat of perjury that they have not and will never administer such treatments or medications to the Pope as it contradicts his religious convictions.

We also ask the Vatican why the Pope is resorting to extraordinary medical intervention to save his life?

Isn't it long enough? The average lifespan in U.S, Italy and worldwide for a male is surely less than 84. The Pope has frequently warned against unnatural extensions of the average human lifespan. So now he should show us the way by his own deed. The Pope has had a long run. He should not be greedy. And make way for the younger generation itching to take over in the Vatican, the world's oldest gerontocracy.

The Pope should go the "natural" way and accept death as "natural." As God obviously summoning him back after a long reign. What is the point of hanging on when you need tracheostomies and ventilators? Especially when you are assured of a Next Life which is so vastly superior to this wretched one?

So why doesn't the Pope do as the above. Or as he has preached? Because like all of us, deep in his heart of hearts, he knows life is the supreme good. And in this life, not in the dubious next.

Stay Young & Prosper!

author, The ImmorTalist Manifesto

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Where's Cancer & Heart Disease on Bush's Agenda?

Cancer & Heart Disease will kill 1 million Americans this year alone. Where are they on the agenda of Bush for the next four years. Nowhere. In fact, the ax is poised to fall on federal funding for cancer and heart disease research.

Yep, if you're fighting cancer or heart disease, you don't count. You're worth shit. Bush and his nasty old men Cheney and Rumsfeld are telling you to drop dead!

CNN.com - Cancer now kills more than heart disease - Jan 19, 2005

Monday, January 03, 2005

ImmorTalist News Agency(TM)

ImmorTalist News Agency(TM)

The Tsunami Next Time

New York Jan. 3, 2005 -- An early warning system could have prevented or greatly diminished the casualties. As of today, 155,000, and counting. But an early warning system was not a priority for the Mortalist governments of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

But even if such an early warning system were installed, the question is will it be used by Death Societies only when it's too late?

There was a report that the Thai government was alerted in advance to the possibility of tsunamis after the big earthquake in the Indian Ocean. But the powers that be decided against warning the public. After all, what if they're wrong. Think what that would do to Thai tourism.

Unforgivable? Most damnable? Absolutely. But this mindset which puts dollars above human lives is epidemic in Death Societies.

After all, this is THE argument put forth by the Bush regime against signing the Kyoto Accord. Bush Junior argues that since we cannot be 100% sure that global warming is indeed happening and/or we cannot be 100% sure that it will bring such catastrophic effects, then we are justified in doing nothing. Not even the most minimal under the Kyoto Accord.

When we are talking about the high probability of the utter destruction of human civilization as we know it today, Bush and his Death regime demands 100% certainty. We ImmorTalists say the burden should be on him and his ilk to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that global warming is not happening, and that it will not bring disaster (e.g usher in a new Ice Age).

After all, if we are wrong about the impending disasters from global warming, the Kyoto Accord will not destroy civilization, And definitely not the U.S. economy. The only "drawback" (to Bush) is less polluted air and ecosystem. But if the scientists are right, and Bush is wrong, then human life as we know it today will be devastated beyond recognition.

The tsunamis next time -- from global warming -- will make what we've seen to our horror so far seem like a tea party. And let's remember such tsumanis could drown even cities like New York and the California coast.

In Bush's anti-life scheme of things, preserving the growth in U.S. GDP is much more important than preserving the planet! But that's typical Mortalist Think.

And despite the fact that the overwhelming number of distinguished scientists and experts in this field (including Nobel Laureates) have all concluded that global warming is not only a reality, but a galloping reality, it is simply not good enough for the "president" of the world's most dangerous Death Society. Nope. The only evidence which will suffice for this crowd apparently is a great tsumani seconds away from wiping us out.

History will damn the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld Troika. They will go down in history as commiting the ultimate crime against humanity. And anyone who sides with them on this issue will be discredited beyond repair.

Stay Young & Prosper!

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