Tuesday, December 27, 2005

'West Wing' Star dead of Heart Attack at 58

New York -- In this holiday season, a heart attack killed John Spencer, a star of ”West Wing” who played a politico who survived a heart attack to run for Vice President. At the height of his career, Death came rudely to this self-confessed workaholic whose health took a backseat to the hit TV show.

For what does it profit a man if he should gain the whole world and lose his own life?

This is the question his death confronts us with. It forces us to evaluate our own priorities. It makes us ask what indeed is the most important thing in our life? The foundation without which there can be no possibility of success or happiness?

Surely this TV and movie star could afford the best health care in the world that money can buy! Surely he can afford annual medical and heart checkups and cardiologists. Surely he was not one of the 46 million Americans without the money to buy any health insurance.

If Spencer had wanted to do an anti-heart-attack program, surely he could have easily afforded it. If he had demanded it as part of his contract on grounds that it’d slash his risk for a fatal heart attack, the producers of this lucrative long-running hit show would surely have said yes to all or part of the fees. After all, it’d be less expensive than losing him just as they are gearing up for his character to possibly become the VP.

Did Spenser have a prior heart attack? Was he overweight? We don’t know. But if he had, for example, a past heart attack and was currently overweight, then the risk of another heart attack -- this time terminal -- would have been quite serious.

So the question is what is it worth to a John Spencer if there is some program, some intervention which has a serious scientific probability of preventing a fatal heart attack? Well, it would be worth every penny he had. Because a tatal heart attack would mean he loses everything he owns and all his future potential earnings as a hot TV actor.

A heart transplant costs up to one million dollars. Heart surgery to clear up clog vessels could cost hundreds of thousands. And they’re hardly a sure thing, bringing with them serious risk of major complications, including death.

John Spenser, if he were smart, would have no hesitation about paying a million dollars for a program which can save his life. That would be his best bargain and investment, ever.

For others of us who are not Hollywood stars, an anti-heart-attack, anti-aging program will be less than a million. But yes, it must be enough to make us take notice. And count the cost. Because if we do, we will be fully committed to the program, and when we play the program as instructed, it will work like a charm.

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