Sunday, September 25, 2005

Extreme Weather Act of God? Tell Swedes & Cubans about It!

New York -- The Times of London has seen fit to print a story claiming it was all an Act of God, not an Act of Bush. Yep, its U.S. editor tells us Katrina and the subsequent collapse of New Orleans' long-neglected levees resulting in over a thousand corpses is no fault of the Bush regime and its Death Society. Not even 10% of it.

You see, it's all in the "extreme weather" in Amerika which "is measured in the thousands of people it kills." Tell this to the Dutch and the Swedes who are no stranger to the most extreme of weather (i.e. the Swedish winter storms) or bad environments (all of Amsterdam is below water), but somehow have managed to escape disaster in the thousands of killed.

And let's not forget the Cuba and Taiwan which have faced Category 5 typhoons just recently, but did not suffer the same kinds of casualties!

This article is nothing but Mortalist propaganda. The kind churned out by The Death Society we live in to make us accept the unacceptable.