Monday, September 05, 2005

New Orleans Shows U.S. Now a Failed State

New York -- Why do the scenes from New Orleans so shock Americans and the world? Because they're what we expect to see in Bangladesh, not the world's "richest" society. Instead, what we've seen is gross negligence, incompetence, paralysis, and outrageous misappropriation of scarce resources. All the symptoms of a failed state. The Mortalist failed state.

China, Taiwan and Cuba were recently hit by horrendous hurricanes too. Yet they did not suffer the same devastation in human lives or properties that New Orleans and surrounding states did. Why? Because those governments did what had to be done. Like evacuating people. Unlike the Bush Regime, even Fidel's Cuba evacuated 1.5 million people to higher grounds and suffered not one casualty. And not just the patrons of plush hotels!

A responsible state does not allow its basic infrastructure to rot and collapse, putting its citizens' lives at mortal risk. As Andrew Young, the former mayor of Atlanta, pointed out, the levees in New Orleans have not been maintained or repaired basically since the time of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. So no surprise it didn't hold up. Only a failed state would allow that to happen, while allowing its military and its empire to suck up all the dwindling resources.

Only a grossly-negligent, sclerotic, and inept failed state would allow the disaster that is New Orleans to happen. No, Bush Junior is lying again. And coming up with lame excuses again. Just like the "great leaders" of third-world dictatorships. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) knew for a long time that a natural disaster like this is most likely to hit New Orleans. It's one of the top-three disaster scenarios. For all too many years. And yet when it happened, this failed state was caught with its pants scandalously down.

Yes, it is shocking. To call the U.S. a failed state. After all, it's supposedly the world's "richest" and only Superpower. And it is more used to calling others failed states than to thinking of itself as one. But under Bush Junior's regime, and in the dying days of Mortalist Empire, the U.S. is just that. A failed state. By its own definition and by any other definition of a failed state.

When the Empire goes from rigor mortis to officially dead, the American people -- like the Germans, Japanese, and French --will live so much better! As New Orleans show, despite the bloated budgets for "Homeland Security," there is no security at all. Zip. Nada. Zilch. And the biggest threat to Americans is Not Terrorism.