Sunday, October 03, 2004

Bush's Steadfastness in Blunder No Virtue

New York -- "To be steadfast in blunder is no virtue," declares Elixxir, Immortalist and author of "The Immortalist Manifesto". He was responding to Bush Junior's mantra in the campaign and the first presidential debate that "steadfastness" equals leadership.

"It takes courage to admit error and correct course. Especially if you're leading your country to economic and military ruin and putting your people at risk for catastrophic attacks -- for no reason whatsoever."

"The invasion and occupation of Iraq is a monumental blunder and disaster," Elixxir points out.

As for Bush Junior's claim that the U.S. problem in Iraq was that the invasion turned out to be a "catastrophic success," Elixxir asks mockingly. "What the hell is a catastrophic success? Spare us. The Bush spinmeisters have gone beserk."