Tuesday, September 07, 2004

1,000 Dead -- in The Wrong War

"1,000 Dead -- in The Wrong War" -- by Elixxir

New York -- 1,000 American soldiers have died as of today in Bush's dirty little war in Iraq. And it's all for nothing. They've been sent to the wrong war. How about the real war? The one which kills over half a million in the U.S. every single year. Without fail! How about that war, Junior?

No, there was no imminent threat from Saddam's regime. No, there were no weapons of mass destruction. No, there was no link to Al Qaeda. No, there's no democracy or less torture in Iraq. No, the price of oil is not cheaper today but in fact the highest it's ever been. And no, as those constant alerts tell us, Americans are no safer today because of this terrible human sacrifice.

And this does not count the 7,000 U.S. troops maimed, mutilated, disfigured, traumatized, disabled.

But we ImmorTalists do not agree with the lame criticism of Bush Jr. by the Democrats. They claim the right war is in Afghanistan but not Iraq. We say the right war is neither in Afghanistan nor Iraq.

The real war that we should be fighting is the war against cancer, heart disease, stroke, obesity, Alzheimer's, and AIDS. The real Ground Zero is in millions of heroic homes and hospital beds where the resistance against the scourge of cancer is being fought day in and day out.

And to these really heroic and mostly still-productive Americans, Bush Jr. says Drop Dead. That is what his outrageous and criminal cuts in Medicare payments for cancer treatments says in not so many words. These cuts kill. Make no mistake about it. Even the association of oncologists (doctors specializing in treating cancer) has come out and said so. This is no hyperbole.

This is why we call it The Death Society. Because if it were not, if Bush and his Religious Right supporters were really "pro-life," then they would clamoring for increased support payments for cancer treatments to save millions of Americans. But instead they'd rather write a blank check for this totally unnecessary quaqmire in Iraq rather than give millions of Americans struggling with cancer what they need to win.

This is the real war we shall fight with all our might in an ImmorTalist Society. With as much -- no, more! -- resources, manpower and energy than Bush has squandered on Iraq.

In the Forever Young Society, victory in our war against cancer and heart disease shall be Priority Number One.