Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Who Created Osama?

9/11 is a tragedy. But it's a tragedy that's the direct result of the Death Society's foreign policy. After all, who created Osama? George Bush Sr. and Ronald Reagan.

Yep, they gave Osama and his ilk -- the Taliban and the fundamentalist Moslems -- billions of dollars worth of training and arms. In their cynical attempt to give the Soviet bear hell. Well, they did. But they also created their own Frankenstein.

And now they want Americans to put up with cuts in cancer and heart disease research and wholesale abrogation of civil liberties in order to clean up and pay for the disaster they've created. And to reelect Junior for doing such a bad job at trying to save us from his own Frankenstein.

Guess what? We ain't grateful at all. And we're not admiring either.