Monday, November 01, 2004

Why Stem Cell Not Campaign Issue

Why was stem cell research a non-issue in this endless campaign? They talked about everything except what you and I really care about. Everything but stem cell research. Which can save countless millions of Americans. In fact every American eventually. What better proof of the disconnect between the powers that be in the Death Society and you and me?

Okay, John Kerry did try to make an issue of it for about two days. But all because of celeb-driven photo-ops.The first Michael J. Fox. The second the widow of the newly-deceased Christopher Reeve. If not for these photo-ops, would stem cell even be a two-day issue?

Why? When stem cell research promises breakthrough treatments -- even cures -- for everything from heart disease, cancer, diabetes to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and spinal injuries.

9/11 killed less than 3,000. Iraq has killed over 1,000 U.S. soldiers. Horrendous. But heart disease alone will kill over 750,000 Americans this year. And cancer over half a million.

So to prevent another 9/11, we have given the Pentagon a blank check. Spent over $200 billion just for the Iraq invasion and occupation. Bush demands another $75 billion more. There’s no end to that. It’s a black hole. And Bush and Ashcroft have replaced our constitutional civil liberties with the so-called ”Patriot’s Act.”

But to prevent 1.3 million U.S. deaths from cancer and heart disease which is a sure thing this and every year, what is Bush doing?

Well, he is going to criminalize -- yes, criminalize -- stem cell research in his second term. Yep, make his buddies in the Religious Right happy by making life-saving stem cell research a flaming felony. It’s called the ”Brownback-Landrieu Bill” and it will be a high priority if Bush steals the White House again. And he and the Religious Right claims to be ”pro-life.” As I pointed out in The ImmmorTalist Manifesto, he and the Religious Right are the Pro-Death Lobby. In fact, The Death Society establishment.

So how does Kerry fare? Well, Ron Reagan Junior claims that Kerry promised him on the phone that his first act as President would be to rescind Bush Junior’s executive decree cutting off federal funding for stem cell research. That’s better than Bush obviously.

But that’s not enough. We need the federal funding to pour into stem cell research. If its fruits -- its breakthroughs -- are to come in time for you and me.

And that’s extremely unlikely to happen even if Kerry gets elected. Because he’s boxed himself into a corner and is unlikely to be able to pull out from Iraq anytime soon. So there will be little or no money for stem cell research. Or so Kerry too will tell us. Even though he should know better. Since he’s had cancer -- prostate cancer -- himself.

No, let’s not be content with crumbs from the funding table! They have money to burn when it comes to reckless, unnecessary wars resulting from their steadfast blunders and disastrous foreign policies. But when it comes to saving our lives, they plead poverty and ”fiscal responsiblity.”

If they’re going to spend up to $300 billion at this early stage on the rinky-dink Iraq invasion and occupation, then we ImmorTalists demand they match this amount for stem cell research, for heart disease research, for cancer research, for anti-aging research!

But the fact that stem cell research is a flickering blip on the radar of this campaign proves that 1) we live in a Death Society and most are still acting according to their Mortalist programming, 2) Mortalist politics has a total disconnect with what you and I really care about 3) politicians and media are bankrupt and trapped in Mortalist ideology which glorifies sacrifice and death.

And this is why they cannot find the money or priority for stem cell research. Or for saving your life.

Stay Young & Prosper!


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